Annual Research Symposium

Each year, the Center for Translational and Policy Research of Chronic Diseases hosts a research symposium to discuss a chronic disease topic that is both relevant and timely.  The purpose of the symposium is to convene panelists from federal and local government, industry, and research in order to have an interactive exchange about policy implementation, program effectiveness, and impact on clinical care. Symposium topics are chosen through careful analysis of the emerging issues that will need the focused and collaborative attention of both researchers and policymakers.

The format of the event is structured to allow time for a medley of updates on current policies and research followed by in-depth discussion on key players and priority action items.  We hope that participants walk away from the symposium with a new network of unlikely colleagues and some ideas for fostering innovation in the treatment of patients who suffer from chronic diseases.

2013 Symposium on Multiple Chronic Conditions

2013 Itinerary

2014 Symposium on Pharmaceutical Policy and Vulnerable Populations

2014 Itinerary
Selected Presentation Slides

2015 Symposium on The Future of Health Care Policy for Aging Populations

2015 Itinerary
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