General Internal Medicine Colleagues Present at Midwest SGIM

The doctors and researchers of the Section of General Internal Medicine were well represented at the 2017 Midwest Regional Meeting of SGIM.  The regional meeting was held in Chicago on September 14th and 15th.

Alexa Minc presented Validation of a Computerized Adaptive Test for Depression and Anxiety Screening in Primary Care.  Alexa’s colleagues from the University of Chicago also contributed to this research; Andrea Kass, Erin Staab, Robert Gibbons, and Neda Laiteerapong.

Neda Laiteerapong presented Associations between Behavioral Health Integration and Diabetes Outcomes in Midwest Community Health Centers. Contributing to this research were Neda’s colleagues from the University of Chicago; Erin Staab, Michael Quinn, Deborah Burnet, and Marshall Chin.  Also contributing were Cindy Schaefer from the University of Evansville and Amanda Campbell from the Midwest Clinicians Network.

Anna Volerman presented a workshop titled Moving Toward Team-Based Care in Primary Care Clinics with Lisa Vinci, Neda Laiteerapong, and Deborah Burnet, all from the University of Chicago, contributing.