Directors Welcome

The Center for Chronic Disease Research and Policy (CDRP) at the University of Chicago was founded with the mission of improving the care and health of individuals at risk for and suffering with chronic diseases.  It aims to influence healthcare policies by studying innovations in the natural history of chronic diseases and their treatments.

The Center is a patient-focused and change-driven organization established by medical professionals, supported by experts in medical research and policy, and motivated by the best interests for the patient.

The Center has a unique range of research that includes the development of innovations for preventing and treating chronic diseases, as well as evaluations of the economic and policy implications of these innovations.  The findings from our research are linked to the study of broader healthcare policies.  We research, develop and advocate improving healthcare for individuals with chronic diseases.

An impressive array of faculty and staff from across the University of Chicago and beyond collaborate in the Center’s projects.  Experts from all across the nation contribute their wisdom and experience to our research and communication efforts.

I am honored to lead this talented group of clinicians, social scientists, and health policy researchers in our goal of addressing the gap between research and health policy in chronic diseases.  This center has great potential to increase the rate of translation of evidence-based research into effective health policy, and we are excited to actively engage in this important venture.

Elbert Huang, MD, MPH, FACP
Founding Director